Blue Thong Society National Conference

Fine tuning the art of being hip, chic & fabulous!

Who We Are

We’re fun, fabulous, smart, and sassy women of all ages who have blazed new trails and broken the molds since birth. We’ve worked, rebelled, rock ’n rolled, raised families and never failed to stand up for what we believe in. Now we’re ready for our ‘next rally’: a time for us, our girlfriends, and to give back to our communities while having fun!

We Will Blend the Generations and "Fight Frump!"

We carry with us the powerful message that lives in our hearts, which we gained (and we don't mean pounds) from what we fought for in our youth and how it made us the wonderful and powerful women we are today. We’ve never been good at sitting down and shutting up and we’re not about to start now. Blue haired? No way. Blue Thong? Any day. So rise up ladies! Get on the phone, invite your friends over and gather ‘round your kitchen counters to celebrate and embrace our enlightened, dynamic and enduring selves! Join us as we Fight Frump and fine tune the art of being hip, chic and fabulous forever!

The Blue Thong Society is a unique women’s organization that connects, inspires and mobilizes women to make a difference in their communities and around the globe. We’re modern, confident, professional and philanthropic- we connect socially, but with purpose and intent to make the world a better place. Join us…because it’s cool to be blue™!

Since our founding in 2006, we have thousands of members in more than 300 chapters across the country! We’re adding new chapters and members every day and our mailing list is bulging at the seams! It’s a movement! An explosion! They may have to create a new demographic category for us (we prefer the title Fun, Fabulous Women who are in Tune with Themselves and Involved in the Community).